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Below here are a few examples of my work in motion and productions I have worked on.

Nedenfor er et par eksempler på mit arbejde i bevægelse og produktioner, jeg har arbejdet på

Juanjo Guarnido`s Freak Kitchen
I was extreme lucky and fortunate to be given the chance to be involved, with one small scene, in this incredible music video.

2D animation


Animation on Travel Oregon
SunCreature Studios.
Still Only Slightly Exaggerated | Travel Oregon

2D animation



Classic icon,Iron Maiden.
Another amazing project I was lucky to be involved in.

2D animation


Another great project/film I have been lucky to be animating on.
Very happy to have been working on this one.

2D animation

The film is being streamed on DR state own television website.

Paper and pencil.

Burhan G- 3,3 mio. views on youtube and ongoing WOW!!

Five weeks to produce this great video for Burhan G´s song.

I had the great pleasure of making and producing this music video for a great Danish music artist

BurhanG.The big challenge was to make everything in 5 weeks myself.

A friend of mine helped me out with the 3D sections.

Client dialogue.
Character design.
Story develop.
Assisting animation.
And post production
And delivering everything in five weeks.

I am Pretty proud of this achievement. It was tense but fun.

Life? or Theatre?

Art Spiegelman

The movie is part of a vital tradition of representing the Holocaust through powerful animated images, stemming back to Art Spiegelman’s graphic novel Maus.

A special film for me.
Another great project/film I have been lucky to be animating on.
Very happy to have been working on this one.

2D animation



Build, grow and expand your very own village in Everdale. Create the village of your dreams.

A cool little project.

I worked as an animator doing animation cycles for the game.

2D animation

The Dream came true!!

After a lot of hard work and 1000´s of drawings later I got myself in the place of being able to work on a Animated Disney film.

Walt Disney Feature animation´s


On this prodution I had my "Aha" moment how to go about animating

So many people are trying to save animals and the planet.

I saw and heard Dr.Ernst Lang from the Basel Zoo on a old VSH video tape

So I animated this little piece to fit his voice/dialouge.

I hope you like it.


A Oscar nominated Animated film.

Walt Disney Feature animation´s Beauty and the beast.

This is and was truly a amazing oppertunity for me to be apart of.

I was picked out to be apart of a little team to work on the extended version of Beautiy and the beast."human again"

@ min mark 07:32 they talk about it in this clip.

Directed by:KIRK WISE.

Kirk Wise (who directed the original film)

Another dream came true.

I was picket out to be apart of a little group, to be assisting on Walt Disney Feature Animation´s Tarzan.

Most of the work was on the elephant Tantor.

Little frog (Lille frø).

A great little project. I was lucky to be animating on this film. Martin Strid a childrens book author wrote this little story about a little frog´s arrival into this frog family. It is being streamed on the state owned DR televisions website for free.


Jungledyret Hugo 2(Jungle Jack 2 The great film hero)

The sequel to Jungledyret hugo 1(JungleJack 1)

Great to be apart of the sequel.


I became a "real" animator. Wohhooo..

I was given the change to start animating just like the "guys" at Disney animation.

It was tense, but a good time.

Met some great inspiring people at this time.